Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Fun Friday Night!!

This past Friday night was a very proud night for me. My two oldest sons (not biological, but mine!) Archie & Tyler attend McLane High School. Archie is in JROTC and is a part of the Color Guard who presented the Flag before the Varsity game started. He looked extremely sharp in his uniform and I am very proud of him for being so involved with JROTC!! Tyler is on the JV football team and this was his very first game because the coach didn't have a helmet that would fit him properly and he had to wait to be able to play. I think I was driving Jeff crazy because I kept asking him when they were going to put Tyler he would know what the coach was going to do. LOL! Finally, in the fourth quarter they sent him in, I was so excited to watch him play and glowed with pride because, that was my son on the field...OK, if the truth be known, I was a little scared that he was going to get hurt but I think that is just part of being a mom. We had a lot of fun watching the boys do their thing and of course watching my daughters & my niece checking out the boys, doing the cheers with the cheerleaders and dancing with the mascot. Whoever said you can't have a strong bond with children whom you don't give birth to is a LIAR!!! I couldn't love those children any more or be more proud of them if they were my own flesh & blood!!!


Mike said...

way to go tyler....and mom! And Dad! :-)

Slone said...

wow! long time no post. your life that boaring????????

Slone said...